The Group is administered by a trustee company called National Grid Electricity Group Trustee Limited (NGEG TL).

The Board of NGEG TL consists of ten Group Trustee Directors – four appointed Group Trustee Directors (Appointed Trustees) appointed by the Principal Employer, National Grid Electricity Transmission plc, and six elected Group Trustee Directors (Elected Trustees) who are elected/selected by both members of the Group (Elected Trustees) and existing Elected Trustees.


Appointed Trustees

Stephen Yandle


Appointed 1 April 2022

Independent Trustee.

Kylee Dickie

Appointed Trustee

Appointed 1 June 2022

Head of Group External Reporting & Technical Accounting, National Grid.

Sukhjindar Sahota

Appointed Trustee

Appointed 1 January 2024

Senior Tax Manager, Tax and Treasury, National Grid.

Rachel Croft

Independent Trustee Services Ltd
Appointed Trustee

Appointed 1 August 2023

Independent Trustee.

Elected Trustees

Graham Commons

Elected Trustee

Re-elected 1 April 2021

Formerly Asset Management, ETAM in receipt of a pension from the Group.

Paul Hernaman 

Elected Trustee

Re-selected 1 April 2023

Former Head of Finance for Business Development, National Grid, in receipt of a pension from the Group.

Philip Johnson

Elected Trustee

Re-selected 1 April 2021

Former Business Transition Manager, System Operator in receipt of a pension from the Group.

Henry Lu 

Elected Trustee

Elected 1 April 2023

Former Price Control Finance Manager, National Grid, now in receipt of a pension from the Group.

John Ong

Elected Trustee

Re-elected 1 April 2021

Formerly UK Head of Employee Relations in receipt of a pension from the Group.

Linda Ryan 

Elected Trustee

Elected 1 April 2023

Former Director of Group Corporate Audit, National Grid, now in receipt of a pension from the Group.

The Panel

Associated with the Group Trustee Board is the Panel. Panel members receive training, provide support, contribute to, and gain experience of, the Group Trustee Board’s work. The members of the Panel are not Trustees and do not vote on Board matters.

Following the 2023 election, the current Panel was agreed by the GT Selection Board and will be in place with effect from 1 April 2023:

Ian Braine

Yogesh Nakarja

Investment Committee

The main aim of this Committee, which consists of two Appointed Trustees and two Elected Trustees, is to allow the Group Trustee to deal with investment matters in an effective manner and to ensure sufficient time is available for investment issues to be properly addressed.

The Committee also acts as the main interface with investment managers, allowing the Committee members to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of them.

Electricity Pensions Trustee Limited (EPTL)

There is also a central Scheme Trustee, Electricity Pensions Trustee Limited (EPTL) which is a trust corporation and consists of a Council and a smaller Board of Directors.

The main responsibilities of EPTL are to:

  • ensure the safe custody and administrative control of assets;
  • produce the Scheme Report and Accounts on an annual basis;
  • ensure proper investment management of Group assets invested in the Unitised Fund; and
  • select and put in place a range of AVC investment funds for the Group Trustee to use as appropriate.

Each Group appoints two individuals to be Councillors of the Council; one Councillor is chosen by the Elected Trustees, and one by the Principal Employer. The Council is responsible for the appointment of a smaller Board of eight Directors. The Board normally meets four times a year.

An election took place in January 2023 to fill three vacancies for the role of Group Trustee. Two candidates will be elected following confirmation of the results of the ballot, and the third will be selected based on their skills, experience and competencies, by the current Elected Trustees who are not standing for election this time. Voting has now closed. The results, when they are known, will be published on the Group website in March 2023 and featured in the summer issue of Pensions Brief.

The new Trustees will join the Group Trustee Board for a term of five years beginning 1 April 2023.


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